Nord Stream 2: a political project in breach of European solidarity

Speaking during today’s European Parliament plenary debate on the Preparation of the European Council meeting of 17 and 18 December 2015, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski MEP (EPP, Poland), EPP Group Vice-President for Foreign Affairs said:

“As the EU Council will also address the issue of the Energy Union policy and Nord Stream 2 I would like to quote the EPP Group’s position on the matter as voted unanimously in our strategic position paper on the External Dimension of Energy Security. I quote:

“We, the EPP Group, believe that the Nord Stream 2 agreement is not in line with the EU Strategy of diversification of sources of supply and routes of transit of imported energy, as well as the EU’s energy security strategy and foreign, security and Eastern Partnership policy goals, reinforcing the EU’s dependency on Russian gas supply”.

My comment:

Nord Stream 2 is being pursued by the Commission as a purely commercial project.

My question is: Is a project negotiated in person by President of Russia Putin, and the Vice- Chancellor of a Member State, a purely commercial one?

The European Commission considers that Nord Stream requires just and only a legal analysis.This is fundamentally wrong. 

It is a geopolitical project that can be detrimental to our security.

It contradicts the Energy Security Strategy, the Energy Union itself, and the very foundations of our foreign, security and Eastern Neighbourhood Partnership policy goals. 

It is in breach of European solidarity and against the spirit of Russia sanctions. 

It is harmful to the interests of Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Slovakia, and can be a political game changer reinforcing the power position of one single gas supplier, reinforcing the Union’s dependence, and further exposing Eastern Member States and their Eastern neighbours to the Russia’s pressure and blackmail.

Thank you.”

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