1 Strasbourg, 15-02-2017
What’s new in the East Ukraine?

"What’s new in the East Ukraine? Proof that the more we hesitate, the further Russia goes. Russian war in East Ukraine and against Ukraine is a fact, because we, EU and US, hesitate" said Jacek Saryusz-Wolski MEP (Poland), EPP Group, EP's standing rapporteur on Ukraine, speaking at today’s plenary debate on deterioration of the situation in Eastern Ukraine.

"The EEAS, our diplomacy, deserves congratulations. Mr Mingarelli, our EU Ambassador in Kiev said today, breaking taboo: 'This is not a civil war, it is an external aggression'. There are 36.000 Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine: regular, mercenaries, and in disguise. It is necessary to leave the harmful fiction of 'separatists and civil war'." he added.

"Conclusions should be drawn. First, on Russia policy of the EU, which should continue and increase proportionally sanctions, according to its principle ‘more for more’.

Second, there is a false perception under Minsk Agreement, where Russia is a party to a peace process, while in reality Russia is an aggressor, and Ukraine is a victim" Saryusz-Wolski underlined.

"We need further revise the Minsk paradigm. That should lead to following actions in 7 areas:

1.      Stop futile appeals to Russia to influence their militants under their command;

2.      Demand Russia to stop invasion and occupation and withdraw from Ukraine;

3.      Russia should abstain from voting in UN Security Council on issues where it is party to a dispute (see Art. 27 of the UN Charter);

4.      We should review the so far approach by the Normandy format;

5.      We should aim at returning to Geneva format with the EU as such, and the US;

6.      We should revive the spirit, if not the letter, of the Budapest Memorandum, on security guarantees to Ukraine;

7.      If we, the EU and US, cannot or do not want to defend Ukraine, as Ukraine defends us, let us at least give them arms for self-defence, plus more political and economic support;

Russia is testing us. If we fail this test, if we fail to stop Russia in Ukraine, they will go further, and subsequently, will come after us" said EP's standing rapporteur on Ukraine. 


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