1 Brussels, 09-05-2016 Copyright European People's Party
The European Parliament says 'NO' to Nord Stream 2

Following today's debate, on Nord Stream 2, Jacek Saryusz-Wolski - deputy chairman of the EPP Group in the European Parliament - said:

"The clearly negative outlook of the Parliament on the Nord Stream expansion serves as a testimony to bipartisan work of MEPs.  Socialists, liberals, greens and conservatives followed the political footsteps of the Christian democrats (EPP Group).  Together, they form a clear majority in the Parliament. If the future of Nord Stream 2 were to be determined by a European Parliament vote, the new pipeline project would be soundly beaten.

European Commission cannot simply ignore this parliamentary majority. Nor can it ignore the geopolitical and energy arguments against the Nord Stream, which I have been presenting since last autumn. The Commission cannot remain passive in the face of Nord Stream 2; to do so would be tantamount to ignoring the will of the Parliament. The debate should reinforce Commission's determination to stop the project.

Nord Stream 2 is a political project and should be stopped on the political grounds. One of the instruments at our disposal is the political pressure from every aisle of the Parliament, safe for extreme right and radical left.

Voices from the left side criticising Nord Stream 2 can alter the dynamic of the debate and tip the scales in favour of the opponents of the project. Should Vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel and SPD continue to support Nord Stream, they can end up isolated within the socialist group. This, in turn, would alter the power dynamic between the proponents and opponents of Nord Stream within the German government.

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