1 27-11-2015 Jacek Saryusz Wolski fot. Copyright © European People's Party
Not only is Nord Stream 2 detrimental energetically, but, above all, it is detrimental geopolitically
In a conversation with Energetyka24.com, MEP Jacek Saryusz Wolski (Polish Civic Platform Party), involved in the struggle against the Nord Stream 2 initiative, states that the project is creating a major threat for the stability of the whole region. Creating this pipe may result in creating a context, within which Gazprom is going to unilaterally terminate the long-term agreement regulating the gas supply for Poland. The events may also result in realization of gas transit through Ukraine. The new Gazprom’s initiative shall be stopped, at any cost. Some real chance within that scope exists, however one should remember that geopolitical argument shall be treated with utmost priority. Energy and law come in the second place. The former argument is harder to manipulate, and it is, without any doubt, louder.

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