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Eastern Partnership Summit: EU will stay on course

Speaking at Wednesday’s European Parliament plenary debate devoted to the Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga (21-22 May 2015), Jacek Saryusz-Wolski MEP (EPP, Poland), EPP Group Vice-Presidet for Foreign Affairs said:

„The Eastern Partnership is a well-designed policy of strategic importance. And it is very much needed by the EU as it impacts on its economy, prosperity, and security and because the primary mission of the Union is peace. And it is very much needed by our neighbours, because they want to transform themselves alongside the European model. 

The Eastern Partnership is a work in progress and will continue with necessary modifications and reinforcements. There was an attempt to derail Eastern Partnership by Russia by pressing for Ukraine to refuse signature in Vilnius. Euromaidan gave a clear answer, stood up to Russian pressure and the people of Ukraine said, "we want European values". Then Russia waged war against their choice. But Russia will fail trying to stop the Eastern Partnership and the free choices of free peoples. The old rule says, "when a bear charges, do not retreat". In Riga, the EU will stick to its plan, offer of an AA, and will stay on course. 

When somebody tries to stop you, you have two choices - either to backtrack or to progress further with redoubled energy. The second is our choice, because first, it is the strong will of our partners, second, because it's in the fundamental interest of the EU and is based on our values. And third, because if we do not defend freedom and democracy in our neighbourhood, our own freedom, democracy, and prosperity will be in danger“.

See also European Parliament's letter to the EU Heads of State and Government before the EaP Summit in Riga (21-22 May 2015)

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