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European values under test. We need strength and unity

„Only two weeks have elapsed since the informal European Council meeting, yet it seems it was ages ago, the time has so much accelerated. The Council was meant to be on terrorism but life added two more topics – the crisis in Greece and Ukraine under attack. What do those three issues have in common? They all constitute a test to our European values“ said Jacek Saryusz-Wolski MEP (Poland), EPP Group Vice-Chairman for Foreign Affairs, speaking on behalf of the biggest political group in the European Parliament at today’s plenary debate on the result of the February informal European Council meeting.

„We have delivered a consistent action plan in response to the first challenge - the “Charlie moment” - an attack on freedom of expression through acts of terrorism. As far as Greece is concerned, we stood up to the principle of binding commitments of member states. Pacta sunt servanta – the same rules of fiscal responsibility apply to all. We have merged responsibility and solidarity with Greece“ he added.

„Ukraine is also a test for our values. It joins the features of the two previous cases – terrorism and economic collapse. The case of Ukraine is about changing borders by force and violating international law, through state sponsored-terrorism by Russia and by waging war“ Saryusz-Wolski underlined.

Shall the EU stay on the course of a value-based foreign policy, shall we be faithful to our principle of more sanctions for more war? We are giving a chance to diplomacy through the Minsk Agreements, but we should support diplomacy with proper leverage and pressure by imposing economic costs on the aggressor and by allowing the vicitim to defend itself from the aggressor and supporting its defence capabilities according to two international law principles – the right to defend and the responsibility to protect. For all that we need strength and unity“ said the EPP Group Vice-Chairman.


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