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Ukraine: In order to achieve a political solution, leverage is needed

Speaking at the European Parliament debate on the situation in Ukraine on Tuesday, February 10, Jacek Saryusz – Wolski, EPP Group Vice Chairman for Foreign Affairs, said: 
" If tomorrow’s Minsk II talks of last chance fail to bring credible peace and in the face of naked war of Russia against Ukraine and mountains of lies and broken promises, it will be the ultimate time to reverse the logic of persuasion into the logic of deterrence. The EU has shown angelic patience and indulgence – and the word angelic comes from the name “Angela” – but we have arrived at limits.

Quantitative and qualitative change in our action is needed because so far we have been doing too little, too late. Enhancing Ukrainian defence capabilities would create incentives for Russia to back down. On the contrary, the Russian military advantage over Ukraine openly invites Russia to continue invasion, as we witnessed. Ukraine has a right to defend itself. We have the responsibility to protect the victims against the aggressor, in the name of our values. If we swerve from our values, we ourselves will be in danger. The crisis over Ukraine is indeed about our own future and our own security. We may wish that there is a diplomatic solution, but a military solution by Russia is taking place before our very eyes.

In order to achieve a political solution, leverage is needed, to bring the aggressor to true, not Potemkin village type, negotiations and bringing binding and executable results. The time has come to apply reverse logic, increase leverage through pressure, increase Russia’s economic sanctions, closing the military advantage gap on behalf of Russia between invader and victim in order to achieve a peaceful solution at the end."

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